Kingdom, Come

This is too for the meek and mild of heart. This is too for the closed and unwelcoming mind. The fearful will struggle. The prideful will fight. The faithless will fall. To you who pertain, this is your warning.

I beg you open. I beg you chance. I beg you accept mercy.

Observe your mother. Her title is also her role: to mother you. It is commonly understood that she is to nurture and to love you. Next, observe your father, whose title is likewise his role. It is commonly understood that he is to teach and to provide for you. Finally, observe others in your life: a brother, a friend, a mentor, or a president. Apply these same observations to each of them. Identify the commonly understood role that each plays. Take your time.

Everything we meet, plays a role in our life. By observing these, we can learn the role that we play, for others. These roles are many and varied, and each combination displays an individual function, a technique of behaving in the midst of various outer factors. This is how we identify.

Alas, we are often misgiving. There are fathers who abandon, and mothers who abuse. There are brothers who bully, friends who turn to enemies, mentors who condition students, and presidents who obey. Nothing is rigid; all is fluid. Absent linkage is evident in identification, leaving individual roles dejected to some degree, and faultlessness unattainable in the maelstrom. A number cannot understand why. It is told.

There is frailty to encompass a linkage out of view, capitulating to fear and doubt. There is an understanding of what is that dejects to an impression that cannot pervade. Entreat yourselves to put face to the linkage you cannot see. The truth lay in perfect starkness.

Regard and beware of all these facts and, with them, imbue your pursuit. There is truth in all things, but only one is all truth.


John 3:16-21




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