A ‘Vida Loca’

When you think about the meaning of life, wondering and wandering through all the possibilities, has the train of thought to peruse it’s definitions ever crossed your track?

A simple Google search and we soon find that there’s more to life than often defined.

The first explains life as the condition that distinguishes by capacity for reproduction and growth. I wonder about the ego. If we refuse to be wrong and let go, do we then lack the capacity for growth? Like muscles that need stretching, tearing breaking down to build back up again, does our living cramp up and our choosing feel strained? Where is our life when we are without change?

The seconds tells of an aspect of existence, which makes me wonder about “sitting on the fence” between active living and survival, between the past and revival, between dreams and reality, and what is and could be. If  we’re sitting, waiting, wishing, for things to go without say or manifesting our destiny by our choices and creating reality, don’t we have a life either way? Aren’t we questioning morality and determining quality of life?

Plus, with the third description of energy, vigor, and vitality, and with the fourth declaring a biography, isn’t it plain to see that that we should be actively working at our well-written existence?  Is there something better than philosophy?

The fifth and sixth definitions teach of reincarnation and second chances, which makes me wonder about the abilities we have to make incredible advances. If we can re-imagine our creation away from true divination, can you imagine the enhancements we could make on someone’s spiritual circumstances if only we took advantage of the life we hav been given? Isn’t it awing what we can do with what we put our hearts to? What difference would there be if the focus shifted from “me” to “you?”

The seventh compares the inanimate and abstract in the period of existence, validity, and function, which I imagine comes into conjunction with definitions two through four. It’s like having two doors, one that slides open with an automatic sensor and one that says “push”. Behind the latter is inunction and the former an ambush. How tempting is it, really, to not have to try? Why not just take the free ride? How fulfilling it is, truly, to afford effort to serve the latter door’s design.

The eighth defines the latter door’s design with a depiction from a real model rather than from the artist’s mind. I wonder, in our creativity how much do we destroy as we continue to deploy our own agenda in life? Aren’t we then to blame when our wills come unfurled? How much control do we have? Is there a such thing as “meant to be?” Aren’t we all always searching for life’s real meaning to define and direct and put our lives in check of perfection? Don’t we suspect there’s some answer on the correction of ill-happenings like cancer, that takes this life thing that we have away? Don’t we yearn for protection at every rejection of treatment of anything that causes life to decay?

Woe is to our dismay, and yet here we sit and we wonder about the meaning of life, and hardly think once, let alone twice, to define and reflect on the Word.

But hey, that’s life.





2 thoughts on “A ‘Vida Loca’

  1. And yet if we just stop to look to, seek out, and ask the very One who created us, knows every single hair on our heads… Made us fearfully and wonderfully… Who knows the day we would take our first and last breath…. All the questions and wondering as we aimlessly wander and ponder this meaning of life… We see it is right in front of us all along… The funny thing about it is once we find it…. Find Him….. The One our soul longs for, we find it wasn’t me that found Him, He made Himself known!!!!! Apart from God and what Jesus Christ did alone, there is nothing and no meaning but darkness!!

    Love u girl!!

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