Jessica Birmingham

My Savior, My God, and My King

Oh how I seek to understand,
how I seek to grasp the reasons You made a way
Why You chose to send Your precious Son on that day!
You say to me, “I Love beyond measure,
You ARE my ultimate treasure”

But to understand how a God so big, so vast, and so powerful would love me,
being so small, so simple and so weak…
So far from Your original people so beyond Your original, beautiful plan
You say, “My Child, I knew You from before the world began, you too were a part of my
original, beautiful plan..”

Oh Your love my God, I can hardly take it in..I can hardly breathe let alone understand
Oh what have You done for me
My heart was so far wrapped around me, such a hard heart towards You, you see,
This pride was overtaking me, it lied, it made me think
There is nothing I can’t do, I am my own, and my own will do..
Then from nowhere You called to me, you spoke of how You longed to set me free,
Just as You called, “O Israel, I would redeem” You said to me “There is so much for you,
you have not seen”
Yet Your Son to die, Could this be so
So I could see
My Savior, My God and My King…

From The tree You grafted me, From this life…from myself…You set me free!!

You have turned my mourning into joy and
My despair into praise!
Oh how…how can I understand Your ways
You have placed a crown of beauty on my head
Pure and clean, white as snow You have said
No more ashes, no more death

You have given me a firm place to stand
Only through the blood and nail scared hands
You have planted me by rivers edge
My heart to You God- I pledge

For I am rooted there for the display of your splendor
With all that I am to You I render

Oh My Savior My God and My King

Oh how Sweet my God I have come to know
You have completely wiped away the past I did sow

Oh How I love the display of Your beauty,
Through the trials, the blessings and the tests
And You chose to use this vessel, this mess
Just as You chose Israel I guess,

From them You demanded a sacrifice, as a picture of The Coming Christ,
The Water, the Bread, The Messiah-Your Covenant, Your Lamb..Your Son!!
For me it is my heart you are after, And it is my heart You have surely Won!!!

Oh God of all creation, take this is fully yours
Take me, cleanse me, use me still
until You say my time is through, my work on earth has had it’s due
until I stand before Your throne, Until this place is no longer home

When i stand before you then, may You say “welcome in,
Your work is done, Your race complete, well done my child,
my daughter, my treasure..

Come in, sit is your seat,
the feast awaits- a marvelous treat!
Here is Your chair, this is where you belong, oh but my child this is just begun…
remember My promises, My Word stands true..well Now you see,
it is now that YOU can fully understand ME!!

You see the why’s, the how’s, what’s and the when’s ..
You see I told you how good it would be then
How it would be worth it, and all of the brokenness I would mend

You see my child, it all was for this purpose
now you can enjoy all that you see, all that I pleasure,
for now You can see the joy in my treasure!
It was for You I made these things, to share and to bring
Now come, enjoy, worship and sing!!

Oh Now I see,
Please take these crowns, take these gifts from me!
You are my Portion, Redeemer and my Prize
To You forever, May All my praises Rise!!
Oh My Savior My God and My King


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