Jessica Birmingham


John 14:15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

You said- “If you love me you will obey my commands”
Obedience is what you long for
Obedience is what you ask
Your Word says your way is better
But my flesh says,” this is a task”

You warn me of rebellion
You warn me disobedience
You warn me of self reliance
And you know how I can love that “convenience”

You said it will bring destruction
You said It will bring pain
You said It will bring depression
You said It will bring chains

I have gone my own way
I have led my own life
I have demanded my own will
I have forced all my rights

I have seen this bondage
I have lived in those chains
But I now lay them down
I now give You the reins

This scripture I am reading
This path I am receiving
This past I am leaving
Is all pointing the same way:

To love You with all my heart
To be holy
To be set apart

To love as You have loved me
To trust You
And to stay on my knees

To Follow Christ
This requires a sacrifice all my own
Lay aside all the rebellion
Lay aside all the ways I am prone

Follow You without waver
Follow You alone!

To walk in a manner worthy
Worthy of the gospel of Christ
But How can I even begin
to comprehend that sacrifice

The price paid for my sin
The price paid for my soul
And all you ask is I relinquish control

Follow the Spirit
Obey Your Commands
Rest in Your presence
Trust in Your plans

The freedom I have found
In relying on You
The freedom I see
When I trust in The TRUTH

The joy in Your adventures
The joy in Your hands
The joy that is beyond all I can comprehend

This life of surrender
This life of release
This life of freedom
This life of peace

Oh How beautiful are Your ways O Lord
How magnificent are Your plans
When I just lay myself down
And obey Your commands

Forever I will walk
I will trust and rely
Forever I will obey
And I will stay by Your side

You alone are worthy
You alone are true
as long as I am living
I will always follow You


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