Jessica Birmingham

This Idol of Mine

Oh Father
Can you please answer me,
I have such a hole inside,
Can you please tell me why
I just want to run and hide..

I have searched high and low,
Most all things I have put out,
I have only kept one thing to show
Only one without a doubt

You see this is very special to me,
One that I hold dear,
One that I run to
When I want to run in fear

I save it for rainy days
even sunny ones will do,
You never know when I might need it
It is not just for when I am blue..

It is my hope, and my comfort
You see, I like it rather a lot
It is there when I need it,
I cling to it probably more than I aught

So please tell me what is wrong..
Oh what is wrong with me,
I have all that I could ask for
I have all that I need

My child,
there are many things you have
This is very true
In fact there is one held too tight,
One that is long over due

This thing you are clinging to
when you want to run and hide,
This thing that you are running to
when all along I am by your side

This will not truly satisfy,
This will not fill you up,
This will not direct you
When you have given up

This is the very thing
that is causing your distress,
This is what has caused you
to feel like such a mess

You see all that you hold tightly,
All that you hold true,
Can never replace
The love that I have for you

I created you my child,
I have bought you with a price,
I have designed you for Me
and in fact, I was pretty precise

See, I have this plan to set you free
I have so much in store
But you have to let go of this idol first
You see I have a whole lot more

So lay it down here at My feet
Lay it down for sure,
Lay it here at this alter
This will be your longing cure

Now let My presence be enough,
Let my grace secure,
I will only satisfy
I will surely endure

You see, I never change my child
I AM the first and the last,
I AM the God of all Creation,
I hold the future and the past

Oh Father,
This idol that I have carried,
I see the price it has cost,
My Father please forgive me,
Oh how I was so lost

Please take this thing from me,
I want all that you have in store,
Thank you for your loving kindness
I see now YOU are so much more.


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