1. Blank: A canvas; if you do not create something upon it, it will remain, plain and empty.
  2. Adduce: You learn with every ounce of love you give. Love can be miraculous, though we must acknowledge portent.
  3. Invocation: Even we most blissful have found our fiends.
  4. Dependence: We relieve our souls of chains by learning from our wrongdoings, and applying our lessons with conscience.
  5. Absolution: If you be your best, and see the best of others, what is best for all will unfold as merit.

Explore the definitions and descriptions – soon you’ll find:

There is success – just apply these lessons to life, love, reason, and rhyme.


Mutual Selfishness

Imagine the balance held between yin and yang. Imagine the element of the other that exists within each one; the white within the black and black within white.

The right kind of love is the embodiment of  both selfish- and selflessness. It is the ultimate balance of giving and receiving.

Compatibility comes when fulfilling own needs fulfills or allows the fulfillment of the needs of another.



In the moment I understood…

I relished in the rain and immersed in the flashing light; the rush was uninhibiting.

I had found its natural hush, its zenith in nadir. It’s rumble could not wake a fear.

I felt like sinking beneath a wave, rubbed raw between salt and sand,
then floating amid a ripple, refined by sun and sea.

In the moment I understood…

I learned a lullaby.

For Good Measure


Language is in magic. Language is in thought. Imagine what we create; what destinies we’ve fated ourselves and what fates we will ourselves destine.

It has only past and present tension. To destine is to live is to heaven- the ideal. And to fate is to hinder is to hell- … less so. Yet, if destiny is our fate, aren’t we all damned? Or if fate was made our destiny, will we all acclaim? In case, it would seem we’ll receive them both, irregardless.