Feel the tension and release, the lean and the pull, the beat and the rhythm of the heart, body and soul. Feel the horse. Forget the saddle.redherd


Good Morning 14-09-16

homeThere hung a chill in the air; it felt cold, tasted sweet. Nuggets of the earth warmed as the Sun rounded and ignited our side of the valley. They called. Like bells and whistles, the crawlers greeted day. Like feather’ds do, they sang. Ceramic on my lips, and a brown bean on my tongue, and under-toning vanilla.

A deep breath. A full Stretch. A smile.

Good Morning.

If time was the currency, would you spend it differently?

I spend my time chasing dreams,

not my own most of the time, but those of others.

These dreams keep telling my life where to go,

what to do;

they’re interjecting themselves into my own pursuit.

Yet, like a clam rolled amidst the waves, I am happy

to just chase dreams.

There’s a saying: “I’m chasing paychecks”

and I’ve heard some say “chase your future,”

but saying it like that sounds like chasing


At times, it may seem like my dreams run away,

but they’re trailing breadcrumbs

in the minds of others,

so while I fumble and feel through this maze,

I am still,

yet happy,

just chasing dreams.